Final ETEP results of 2016: A record-breaking year!

This year, the European Talent Exchange Programme (ETEP) has generated a record-breaking number of shows by European artists on festivals across Europe. With 404 shows by 148 European artists, ETEP continues to stimulate cross border success of European artists and helps build artists' European and international careers.

ETEP 2016 has resulted in a total of 404 shows by 148 artists from 27 different European countries. These astonishing numbers bring the grant total to 3091 shows by 1082 artist on 100 ETEP festivals since 2003. For 2016, these are the top scoring countries with their top scoring ETEP act:

AuroraNO  13
BlossomsGB  12
LiimaDK/FI  8
My BabyNL   7

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FI  7
FewsSE  6
LeyyaAT  6
The AcademicIE  6
Lost FrequenciesBE  5
Jain FR  5