Zeal & Ardor

  • blues
  • gospel
Wed 17 Jan Huize Maas, main 01:15 - 02:00
Thu 18 Jan Vera 01:15 - 02:00


'Emancipation. Damnation. Blasphemy. Ecstasy. Vengeance. Deliverance. Rebellion. Liberation. Considering this your invitation to the transcendent, transfiguring Satanic Spirituals of
(a) Devil Is Fine.' Manuel Gagneux is one of the musical revelations of 2017. Under the moniker of Zeal & Ardor the Swiss-American artist created a highly unlikely and equally addictive blend of black metal, field recordings, Delta blues, gospel, sprituals and glitchy hip-hop beats. His debut album Devil Is Fine is a true must-hear, his live show one of the must-experience shows of Eurosonic.