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  • metal


Smallman is an alternative/ambient/metal band strongly influenced by the folklore of the Balkans.
The band was formed in 2001 by four enthusiastic guys who were looking to express their alternative
vision about music.The core of the band lies in implementing the mysticism of the Bulgarian bagpipe into aggressive, slow and deep-sounding guitar and bass lines.
Ideas came to existence and the band released it's first album, “smallman”. The first track was
recorded in the early 2006 in Plovdiv, Bulgaria and six months within existence, the band had a decent first record.  Few years later the album was sold out and the band has rereleased it.
Their remarkable sound and their live show pushed the band's popularity on the Bulgarian underground scene. Later that year, the band was invited to take part in the biggest music festival in Bulgaria - Spirit of Burgas.
At the end of 2008, smallman began work on their next album, “Labyrinth of Present”. The album was self-released in March 2010 and achieved great success at national level. Now it is completely sold out. In 2010
and 2011 the band appeared in several indoor events and outdoor festivals in Bulgaria and at Best` Fest in Bucharest Romania.
At present, the band is working on their third album and prepares to push its sound and stage presence even further.