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Nasekomix is anything but new to the bg and international music scene. On the contrary, the band formed a decade ago.
Until 2010 the band was relatively unknown, one of many, part of the obscurity that is the bulgarian alternative scene. 2010 saw the release of Kamen Kalev's debut movie "Eastern Plays" which included two songs from Nasekomix's debut album. Basically that's when Nasekomix hit it big and received mainstream popularity and to some extend success. The release of their debut album "Adam's Bushes, Eva's Deep" (which was sold out almost immediately) led to some great concerts in Bulgaria and the rest of Europe. The band belongs to the highlights of festivals of alternative and innovative music and likes to perform not only in concert halls and clubs but also in venues that are not necessarily designed for music production. Some of Nasekomix's most successful live performances were at premieres of the film at Cannes International Film Festival 2009, Sarajevo Film Festival as well as their Spring Tour in the Bulgarian Theaters in 2010.
The music of Nasekomix is full of life and energy, bridging the gap between the band's jazz and rock roots and electronic styles, mixing acoustic elements such as accordions, guitar, double bass and live drums with the polished sound and vitality of cutting-edge production. The music is memorable and deep with the emotion-filled lyrics written by Andronia Popova and Mariy Rosen.
Nasekomix are:Andronia Popova – vocals, accordion, keyboards
Mihail Josifov – guitar, keyboards, vocals;
Alexander Daniel – drums
George Donchev – bass.

The real power of the band lies in its live performances, which are always highlights of Sofia's burgeoning underground music scene.

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