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Baltic Balkan - Party Like The Last Time in Your Life!

Vilnius, the Lithuanian capital, was always the meltdown of the Baltic, Ukrainian, Polish, Russian, Jewish, German, Tatar, Karaite, British and Gypsy cultures. The homeland of Jascha Hefeitz, where every traditionalist backyard was still listening to the klezmer music wind coming from the East and the South, it is also a starting point for the Baltic Balkan project. This musical and performance artist endeavor was inspired by listening to original Yugoslav punk rock, as well as countless musical festivals in Europe and movies with a true Balkan (and Baltic) spirits.

Three men and a dog appeared on Baltic clubbing scene in the year 2008. The front man of the project, Lencas, as well as a former singer of a local cult ska band TAI KĄ. The soundmens Namas and Marulis are renowned Lithuanian graphic designers. Last but not least is the iconic dog Pitchka. Its iconic portrait is worshiped at every Baltic Balkan party.

The Baltic Balkan took Lithuanian audience by storm, as everyone was longing for true fire in dance and drinking. The Baltic Balkan performances visited clubs and concert halls in major Baltic cities, as well as festivals. The Baltic Balkan has hosted three series of incredibly successful Balkan parties – “Baltic Balkan Bang”, “Caravan” and the recent “Balkanaktis”.

After gaining the experience of playing alongside such an acts as OPA!, Inculto, and DJs – Dj Click, Gypsy Sound System, DJ AK, Janeck Altshuler, Belaj Kru Sound, Gaetano Fabri, Funklore, Warsaw Balkan Madness, Dj Pontell, ZhamoZha and SuperStereo. The Baltic Balkan company lead their way to the free world. They have set the nights on fire in Riga and Tallinn, Wiesbaden and Nurnberg, Franfurt, Copenhagen, Helsinki, Paris, Fribourg and Geneve. The crew was invited to open the Jewish Culture Festival in Krakow and Nuit Blanche Festival in Amiens, and have performed at Volt 2011 alongside their heroes Mahalai Rai Banda, Parno Graszt and The No Smoking Orchestra.

Debut album Katapulta EP released on August 3, 2012 on Maasto Records (Finland) is a unique collaboration between two driving forces in the Vilnius alternative world music scene; the fire-setting balkan / gypsy / klezmer DJ unit Baltic Balkan, and the minimal post brass outfit Banda Dzeta. The lyrics of “Katapulta” describe a romantic story about a magical catapult, delivering sounds that can break all musical and political walls.
The EP includes 5 remixes by DJ, bass musician and world music producer, Canalh from Toulouse specialized in new cumbia; a duo made up of Florence resident Ckrono and one of the fastest rising Lithuanian DJs Boyfriend; a true native of Yugoslavia and Koromandija World Music Store chef DJTito from Ljubljana; as well as dubstep, kuduro, folkstep master DJ SuperStereo from Budapest based New Radical Arts label.