Central Eastern European Talent Exchange Programme

Central Eastern European Talent Exchange Programme (CEETEP) is an ETEP subprogramme. CEETEP was founded in 2011 and concluded at the end of 2015. The programme was finalised with a CEE focus at Eurosonic Noorderslag 2016. Fourteen CEETEP countries were in the focus of Eurosonic Noorderslag, an unique experience. CEETEP was organised by 18 festivals and selected media partners in the CEE region. Eurosonic Noorderslag and co-organisers Sziget and Exit Festival developed a scheme for the circulation of CEE artists and repertoire in Central and Eastern Europe at the festivals and in the media.

CEETEP (2010 – 2015)

The following 18 festivals agreed to work together on this project: B'estfest (RO), Exit Festival (RS), Galapagai (LT), Open’er Festival (PL), INmusic Festival (HR), Live Music Festival (PL), Meadows Festival in the Mountains (BG), Pohoda (SK), Positivus Festival (LV), Rock For People (CZ), Slovenian Music Week (SI), Sziget (HU), Taksirat Festival (MK), Tallinn Music Week (EE), Vilnius Music Week (LT), Waves Bratislava (SK), Woodstock Festival Poland (PL).

CEETEP media partners: The following media partners of the 18 CEETEP festivals joined the programme: Gazeta Wyborcza (PL), Polityka (PL), Interia (PL), Polskie Radio Czworka (PL), Metropotam (RO), Radio Belgrade 1 (RS), 370 (LT), LRT Opus (LT), Croatian Radio (HR), 24 sata (HR), TimeART.bg (BG), Radio Capital FM (LV), TVNET.lv (LV), Radio FM (SK), Týžden (SK), Latvian Radio 1 (LV), Full Moon Magazine (CZ), Radio Wave (CZ), Delo (SI), Radio Terminal (SI), MR2 Petöfi Rádió (HU), Neston (HU), Antenna 5 Radio (MK), Telegraf (MK), On.net (MK), Raadio 2 (EE), Rada7.ee (EE), Lietuvos Rytas (LT), SME (SK), Teraz Rock (PL).

How does it work? 

The festivals of each country can suggest 5 to 6 artists from their country. These artists are put together in a pool. During the following festival season, CEETEP festivals will book artists from this pool, which are not from their own country, for a show on their festival. If a festival books a CEETEP act from the pool, they receive
a support to promotional costs. The CEETEP results are presented on Exit or Sziget during the summer. The CEETEP artists who play the most CEETEP shows will get to play Eurosonic in the following year.


  • 2012 presented a total of 27 shows with 19 acts from 10 countries playing at 13 festivals in 10 countries.
  • 2013 presented a total of 32 shows with 22 acts from 12 countries playing at 16 festivals in 12 countries.
  • 2014 presented a total of 19 shows with 15 acts from 9 countries playing at 17 festivals in 13 countries.
  • 2015 presented a total of 43 shows with 25 acts from 10 countries playing at 17 festivals in 13 countries..


Eurosonic Noorderslag organises ETEP and has a few very important partners like the European Commission, Sena Performers and Buma Cultuur. Without their support the programme wouldn’t be possible. Futhermore there are the co-organisers who play a very important role in ETEP: export offfices scout talent for Eurosonic and promote the shows of the acts at Eurosonic and with Yourope on board we have a linking pin between ETEP and Europe’s festivals. Exit and Sziget play an active role in the development of CEETEP and the CEETEP media partners make sure the shows of CEETEP artists get promoted. Finally the EBU ensure ETEP artists get airplay.